Anxiety: an Overview

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• • As a therapist I’ve seen anxiety levels spike in light of COVID-19. What better time than now to talk about this mental health issue that affects so many? • • As a therapist with a behavioral medicine background, I take a holistic approach with my clients. That is, I don’t view their problems solely from a behavioral or psychological level, but I also look at the underlying biological factors that could be contributing to their symptomatology. • • In this video I share some thoughts on the origins of anxiety, the neuroscience behind it, and treatment options. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide on anxiety, or to oversimplify it in any way. Rather, it’s meant to be an overview and conversation-starter for a quite complex topic. • • For more information on the neuroscience and treatment related to anxiety, visit my blog (link in bio), and you’ll find the corresponding post under my current series (“Neuroscience Simplified”). • • Please feel free to continue the conversation and share your experiences with anxiety in the comments below! • • Lastly, please take care of yourselves during this stressful time in our world. 🙏🏿 • • • • #anxiety #covid_19 #corona #treatment #mentalhealth #psychology #neuroscience #therapy #psychotherapy #behavioralhealth #selfawareness #copingskills #selfcare #selfhelp #curlytherapist

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  1. Excellent synopsis of a complex topic! Brava!

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