Intergenerational Trauma: How to Heal

Intergenerational trauma describes the transference of trauma between generations.  When people don’t have the opportunity to heal from trauma, they may unknowingly pass it on to others through their behavior.  

I partnered with Frame Therapy to discuss intergenerational trauma with Soli Shin, a participant. We explored the emotional thread that connects each generation, how she’s seen intergenerational trauma manifest in her life, and how to begin the healing process. This conversation did not substitute individual therapy, but rather served as a thought-starter & safe space to engage in productive dialogue.

Check out our conversation:

The Family Impact

Intergenerational trauma can negatively impact families in various ways.  It can also be implicated with historical and race-based trauma. Has intergenerational trauma touched your life or the lives of your loved ones?

Mental Health Is Political

This month we explored how mental health is political, diving into topics such as allyship with the Black community, the effects of racism and chronic stress on health, social-justice-competent mental health treatment, and self-care as political resistance.

This blog series was prompted by the social uprising in response to George Floyd’s murder and other racist behaviors that made the news in May of 2020. However, issues of oppression, social injustice, and the necessity for equitable treatment are not new ones. These issues have been present in American society for hundreds of years and there is still much work to be done.

The Work Must Continue

After the social media frenzy dies down, how will you continue doing the inner and outer work to help dismantle oppression? How will you continue educating yourself to help make your neighborhood, community, and country a more inclusive and safe place to live? These are the questions we must continually ask ourselves and each other. We must hold each other accountable and not slip into complacency that maintains oppressive systems and ideologies.

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  1. An excellent discourse that skillfully navigates complex topics in a thoughtful and enlightening way. Brava to both!

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